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Belly Dancing is Alive in Connecticut!!

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Sheherazat's Personal Information

Sheherazat has been practicing and performing the art of Middle Eastern Dance since she was seven years old and is available to dance at your next occasion. She is a seasoned performer, having danced throughout New England , New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvannia and California. She is now based out of the New Haven area of Connecticut and can be contacted through E-mail.

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Sheherazat dances at Istanbul Cafe on 245 Crown Street in New Haven, Connecticut on Friday nights.
Please call (203) 787-3881 for more info.

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Ehden Lebanese American club is hosting thier annual winter Hafli on February 24th at the Aqua Turf in Southington, Connecticut. the event begins at 7:00pm and Sheherazat is performing between 10 and 10:30pm. For more information contact Ehden Lebanese American Club or call 860-621-9335.

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